A Modest Proposal for Seating the Florida and Michigan Delegates

Newt Gingrich has proposed an eminently sensible plan for allowing the full Florida and Michigan delegations to be seated at the Democratic National Convention this summer: have the states re-vote.

Giving the Michigan and Florida delegates to Sen. Clinton — particularly in light of reports that she bent the Democratic Party rules against campaigning in both states — is a recipe for even more chaos.

On the other hand, leaving the Florida and Michigan delegates unseated runs the risk for the Democrats of alienating two big states they want and need to win in November.

The answer, for the integrity of the process, is a do-over: Hold the Michigan and Florida Democratic primaries again.

I’d also like to add that the Florida and Michigan Democratic Parties should foot the bill for the mulligan.

Frankly, I doubt that Hillary Clinton will be much in favor of the plan. As I predicted on OTB Radio this week, I suspect she’ll take the position that it was the common understanding that the full Michigan and Florida delegations would be seated eventually and that she got those delegates fair and square.

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