A Fly on the Wall

In another bit of significant news, yesterday President Trump announced that he’d signed an executive order governing the issuing of H-1B visas. CNNMoney reports:

On Tuesday, Trump signed an executive order that directed federal agencies to implement a “Buy American, Hire American” strategy. The order included a section geared at immigration reform.

The order tasked four department heads (including the Secretary of Labor, who has yet to be confirmed) to suggest reforms to ensure H-1B visas are given to the “most-skilled or highest paid” petitioners. Additionally, it asked them to propose new rules and guidance for preventing fraud and abuse of work visas.

It’s just a step but IMO it’s a step in the right direction. I’d love to be a fly on the wall of the board room at Tata or Infosys about now. Or Microsoft or Facebook for that matter.

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  • Steve

    No H-1Bs and the medical field is in trouble. That said, if this goes some way to stopping situations like happened with Disney then it is a good idea.


  • I don’t think the EO poses a problem for docs. It might present some issues with RNs.

  • steve

    We now rely much more heavily upon mid-levels, many of which are advanced practice RNs. It would really kill us to lose those.


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