A Development That Should Worry Democrats

There’s an interesting post at Axios by Jonathan Swan, analyzing the data on Hispanic voters from the 2020 presidential election:

A new analysis of U.S. voters suggests — counterintuitively — that the coronavirus pandemic may have helped drive former President Donald Trump’s surprising increase in support from Latinos last November.

The short version is

  • Trump received a sharp increase in votes from Hispanics compared with 2016.
  • That increase wasn’t limited to Cuban-Americans but true of Hispanic voters generally.
  • “YouTube has become a leading source of election news for Latinos”

which tends to support points I’ve made around here. Hispanics are not single-issue voters. They are frequently not as supportive of activist government as Democratic voters, generally. Like black voters they tend to be more conservative than Democratic voters, generally.

I tend to believe that “Hispanic voters” itself is an over-generalization. I think that one may reasonably consider Cuban-American voters, Mexican-American voters, Salvadoran-American voters but that “Hispanic voters” conceals more than it reveals.

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  • Jan Link

    A generalized assumption is that if more immigrants are able to gain entry into this country it will generate more votes for democrats. I’ve often felt this statement had some validly. However, during the 2020 election I saw reasons to dial such an assumption back, for surprisingly (to me) the workmen, subcontractors we had election conversations with were almost always voting enthusiastically for Trump. While their ethnicities were all over the map, their votes were being mined by a candidate’s policy positions directed at jobs, family values, and strengthening the economy. Because of this it was Trump, hands down, with Biden only being scoffed at.

    I think it’s still that way, especially when seeing what a sad sack the current president is – one who continues to attract small, tepid numbers of people tuning into his announcements and lackluster speeches.

  • steve Link

    Hispanics probably fit better with Republicans in lots of ways. If he GOP ever gives up on going after the “other” they should at least split the vote. Of course they then might lose part of the white vote. Trade offs.

    “family values” Trump and family values in the same paragraph. I assume we are being trolled here.


  • Jan Link

    It’s interesting how someone can invariably be snarky about linking family values with Trump while voicing nothing but crickets dealing with Biden -the corrupt ties and money taken from foreign adversaries, his drug addled son’s sordid lifestyle, touchy harassment of women, personal dishonesty about his own biography and life experiences. But, let’s get back to Trump trivia……

  • Hispanics probably fit better with Republicans in lots of ways.

    The dirty little secret of the Democratic Party is that many blacks have much more in common with rural Southern whites who have largely become Republicans than they do with New England or Pacific Northwestern Democrats. It’s not just bigotry that gets in the way of making common cause. It’s history.

  • Jan Link

    Working and middle class peoples, no matter their ethnicity, have more in common with each other and more moderate, traditional values than they have with the social progressive democrat party. IMO the democrats have lost touch with what used to be classical liberalism – a grouping that used to be for free speech, robust debate, a proclivity for peace rather than war, and had the backs of the working classes. No more is that the case, as now the democrat party has evolved into supporting the interests of multinational companies, Wall Street, the elite class, the very poor who they can foster permanent dependency on big government, and the very rich who can easily virtue signal while living comfortably because of their vast wealth.

    And, I don’t think I am the only one noticing how different and deeply troubling the New Democrat party has become.

  • Drew Link

    Giv’m hell, Jan. Loving it. ;->

  • Drew Link

    Speaking of race……..

    So the perp in DC today is a Black Muslim supporter of Farrakhan.

    Expect this story to have a half life of a couple days. The steves and CNN’s of the world will be so disappointed – no Trump bashing value.

  • steve Link

    Sigh. Biden touched a few women. Trump was having sex with porn stars while his wife was pregnant and bragged about his affairs while married to his first two wives. The corrupt ties are unsubstantiated and Trump had factories in China, an adversary. There is nothing to indicate that Biden caused his kid to turn to drugs, his other son served in the military (unlike any Trump kid), and in general most of us dont really go after other people’s kids and blame the parents. Of course you would since there is no bottom to which you would not sink to support Trump.

    Personal dishonesty about life experiences? Seriously, that is Trump in spades. There is nothing here you can point out at Biden where Trump is not worse by orders of magnitude. Try again. Really, the best you can is deflect and go after one of Biden’s kids. When you compare the two men directly it is pretty clear that Trump has zero interest in family values.


  • jan Link

    Biden’s sexual advances were while he was a senator or VP. Trump had a playboy reputation as a private citizen, but no such inappropriate interactions with women during his tenure in the WH.

    Trump had an opened bank account in China. And some of his merchandise was made in China, as was his daughter’s. There were no “factories,” and no suspicious exchanges of money. Biden’s son dealt directly with a Chinese spy, took money from China supposedly for WH access, with charges that Biden was also on the take.

    Biden has repeatedly lied or covered up his son’s unorthodox, slimy business dealings in Ukraine, China and Romania. His son has also been photographically captured in compromising circumstances – drugs, underage girls etc., but Biden has turned a blind eye to it all, as has the news media and MSM. This includes how Biden’s brother and son-in-law have financially prospered because of their ties to Biden.

    As for who is more dishonest – Biden has told tall tales, lies about almost everything in his life – civil rights involvement, college attendance, been cited numerous times for lifting text out of speeches, explanations of his first wife’s death (blamed it on the truck driver when it was his wife who errored and cut in front of a truck). Biden is a fraud, pure and simple. Trump exaggerates and is full of bravado, but his accomplishments and failures are real and pretty much known by the public. The fact the Russian collusion travesty turned up zero would not have been the case should Biden’s corruption is ever looked at with the same investigative magnification as was done with Trump!

  • Grey Shambler Link

    Mexicans tend towards voting for strength.
    They like a secure border once they are in. They don’t want to give away what they have earned to wetbacks even though they were once that.
    As for the media, they were all over the dog bites security detail story but in the end decided Joe was just too adorable for hardball and nicknamed him Biten Biden and we’re all cool with that.
    As for Hunter, America has decided we all have family strung out on narcotics just like the Floyds and the Bidens, God love “em in weakness or in strength and even when they cash in.
    Will Hunter’s book out earn the Floyd families 27 MM? Will the girlfriend nicknamed “Mama” get a piece of the action? She’s not family you know.
    How about the dozen plus traumatized witnesses to the “Police Murder Of George Floyd”? Do they have actionable cases against the city?
    Stay tuned.

  • steve Link

    jan- As I said, you dont want to compare Donald trump vs Joe Biden. I had no idea that family values are operative only when you are in office. I have always thought of it as a lifetime thing. Also, Having sex with porn stars while your wife is pregnant is not really playboy behavior, it is scummy. Walking away financially whole while your employees and contractors suffer when you go bankrupt is scummy, though legal. Trump University was built on lies (Trump didnt really handpick the teachers) and scammed lower income people out of millions.

    The Republican Congress investigated Joe Biden and couldn’t find any wrongdoing on the part of Joe Biden. They didnt being any charges either against Hunter. I guess this means Bill Barr was secretly a Democrat. Yes, Biden exaggerates and has lied about some of this achievements, but Trump took lying to another level. He lied about stuff that was easily proved wrong. Trivial stuff, as well as major stuff. No comparison as Trump is orders of magnitude worse. The Russia probe proved that Trump tried to do illegal and unconstitutional stuff, his staff just refused to follow his orders.

    Trumnp’s family has prospered due to Trump’s name, but worse, Trump prospered while in office.


  • steve Link

    We probably had about 90,000 drug overdose deaths in 2020, up from 70,000 the year before. The NIH numbers suggest about 6%-10% have some kind of drug or alcohol addiction at some point. So a very high percentage of families have an addict in the family and many have or know someone who has died from an overdose.

    Note that the addiction and overdose problem is that one Trump claimed to have addressed as part of his identifying with the working class, yet it increased during his tenure. Hoping that Biden addresses it with a plan that at least has some chance of working.



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