A Coat of Primer

A fresh coat of primer goes a long way towards tidying things up. The picture above (click on it for a larger image) is the view from the window in the second floor master bedroom to the entryway to the master bedroom suite. Master bath on the left, walk-in closet on the right.

This is the first floor looking from the new family room into the kitchen. The stove will be in the center of the wall. There’ll be an island in the center. You can see the conduit for the electrical, data, and video connections poking through the floor where the island will be.

Here’s a view I think is particularly nice. I’m standing in the dining room looking through the new archway into the family room in the addition. The closer we get to the finished product, the more I can see how it will look and the more I respect the work that our architect, Doug Julien, has done.

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  • Ver-r-r-r-y handsome, Dave, especially the archway. You must be delighted — and relieved that it’s starting to look near-to-completion.

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