Jesuit Educated

Mark Judge’s Jesuit high school in Maryland was founded just about twenty years before the Jesuit high school I attended in St. Louis was. He clearly learned somewhat different things from the Jesuits than I did. Not that I didn’t learn the thing he lists as what he learned from the Jesuits. It’s that I learned other things as well.

For example, intellectual clarity. What he summarizes as “have an extracurricular activity” I would state as it’s not enough to be be a great scholar or a fine athlete or a winning debater. You should be a great scholar, a fine athlete, and a winning debater.

And in debate you shouldn’t merely go for the win. You should go for the kill.

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  • Did my husband ever go for that last line.

    And he ran track as a youth. Was a crack football player, too. A valued member of the Loyola Law School team.

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