1 Million Years AD

The problem that I had with this article at Space.com and, presumably, the National Geographic Channel series it uses as its springboard on the human species in the far, far future is that is seem to presume Whig history.

In a million years will our species still exist? Will we be big-headed monstrosities? Will we have returned to non-reasoning brutes?

What makes them think that Homo erectus wasn’t Homo sapiens? And try explaining an office job to the Pirahã of Brazil.

I don’t believe that we can predict what we’ll be like 1,000 years in the future let alone a million.

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  • walt moffett

    yet always entertaining and profitable for some, to guess what the future holds. Wonder if the cephalopods will be able to find the right pattern of colors and intensity to describe us to their young.

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